Sunday, February 22, 2009

Need to promote Goa as honeymoon paradise

Goa has earned a namRomance by the seae on the world map as one of the places to visit to get the thrill of a succegado Goan ambience along with the pristine beaches, a great culture, temples, churches and exotic locales within the state.

During the time of Christmas, New Year and Carnival, Goa is normally packed to the brim with curious tourists as well as the traditional holidayer who does not want to miss Goa for anything.

However there is a great potential to make Goa a round-the -year hot destination for all kinds of tourists. The honeymoon couples are just one of these people who could find Goa to be the right place to celebrate and the Goa government needs to consciously tap this potential. 

It is also worth noting that Goa's cultural freedom of expressing oneself baga riverside in Goagives us the added advantage to beat the rest of the country in this area. Nowadays we have a rabid breed of " moral police" in many parts of the country trying to impose their sense of morality and the ugly Mangalore incident in Karnataka was just another of those bullying tactics employed by some of these disgruntled groups.

Meanwhile Goa has no such problems because Goans do not tolerate this kind of absurdity.  Goa has been peace loving since liberation and is therefore naturally consider ed as a safe place to enjoy a holiday. For people with romance on their mind it is the perfect destination as Goa provides the seclusion and tranquil that lovers relish and honeymoon couples have discovered it to be the best haunt in India.

The tourism department of Goa should therefore work overtime to devisehoneymoon couple in Goa schemes and means of wooing this select band of people to ensure that their honeymoon is synonymous with Goa. The word should go out everywhere and Goa should add another reason to its endless list of people who want to head to Goa for a hundred other reasons of their own.

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