Monday, February 2, 2009

Goa garbage - Why nobody's baby?

In Goa, garbage  has caught the imagination of one and all . The state has been grappling with the problem like a sumo wrestler handling an oily snake. While citizens are using all possible means to resist the dumping ground from being their own neighborhoods, the government is finding it to be a Herculean task to identify a suitable place in the wake of all these protests.

Is the government sincere?
But the question is whether the government is sincere in its efforts to solve the garbage issue or whether it is willing to dump the onus of the garbage on the shoulders of the affected citizens to bear.

Absolute irresponsibility the cause?
It is amply clear that for long, the government has considered garbage to be the smallest of its problems, while citizens in many places such as Curca, Sonsoddo, Saligao, Patto and other garbage sites have found life unbearable.The resultant protest which started off with Curca were a result of absolute neglect which simply endangered the lives of the people residing there with water and other natural resources contaminated. How could they be expected to keep mum in such a situation. The Curca agitation clearly exposed the sense of irresponsibility of all governments when it comes to garbage handling in Goa. A site which was reluctantly allowed by Curca villagers was mismanaged and abused which was good reason for Curca to stand up. And they did.

Patto followed and this time children in schools were affected enough to march into the mayor's office( although that action from children who were obviously tutored and instigated was absolutely unjustified) and dump their sense of garbage in his office. Now Sonsoddo seems to be on the boil with no sign of the garbage fire dousing,and thereby possibly affecting thousands in the area, the residents are probably drawing battle lines.

What is the result?
There still seems to be no lessons learnt. No specific garbage management procedures are in place and we find no new techniques enforced. Any initiative taken to solve the problem is soon lost in some political muddle leaving the citizens to face the wrath of the garbage.

What could the government of Goa possibly have done?
If the government had shown some sense of purpose in proper segregation of garbage, disposing off the re-cyclable waste for a profit, selling the plastic , vermicomposting with multipits, and taking garbage site precautions by thickly soling, plastering and probably waterproofing the ground flooring to avoid seepage of water  into village wells etc besides having a complete team of workers with the latest technological machinery to handle the garbage, the problems could have been meticulously avoided. However there seems to be no sense of purpose. It is absolute blindness at work.     

And what will the citizens do?
The citizens of Goa are therefore within their rights to oppose any dumping of garbage in their villages as it endangers their natural resources to a great extent. And with an irresponsible setup of officials at the helm why should they take chances with their life?

Unless the government shows a great and high sense of responsibility in handling the garbage in Goa, proving to one and all about its sincerity, citizens will be on the warpath.                                               

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