Monday, February 16, 2009

Manage your own garbage - Varca gram sabha

The Varca gram sabha is probably the first in the state of Goa to pass a resolution asking all housing colonies within the village to manage their own garbage. The directive has also been given to all the hotels within the village who have been warned of severe penalties in case they fail to adhere to the requirements.

This is an important step to ensure accountability of each housing colony or hotel towards managing garbage as the panchayats in Goa do not have systems or practices or any equipment whatsoever to handle garbage within their villages.

With the panchayats in Goa unable to manage the garbage it has become a stumbling block for the entire village and housing colonies and hotels have been proliferators of this menace thrusting their litter on the rest of the village which has to bear the onus of a few.

This hopefully should also open the eyes of all the panchayat councillors in Goa not to open doors wide apart for housing colonies and haphazard development brazenly, without seeking a proper garbage management plan from the builders.

Only after due diligence in infrastructure is done and the feasibility of a new project is thoroughly studied such projects should be allowed or else completely rejected.

There is no sense in burdening beautiful villages of Goa with garbage, sewage, water scarcities and other social problems with the addition of new residential colonies which are too expensive for Goans to afford anyway.

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