Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goa government staff accountabilities

For the moment, the Chief Minister Mr Digambar kamat seems to have  sorted out the brewing confrontation between the chairperson and chief officer of the Margao Municipal council against the Margao Municipal employees in the ugly attendance impasse.

One of the greatest sicknesses plaguing all our administrations in Goa is the lack of mere will on the part of authorities in Goa to fix accountability on the staff responsible for the tasks entrusted to them.

While accountability is the essence of good responsible governance, our law makers are least interested in the same, probably due to the worry that such enforcements may bring out their own inefficiencies in the open because our rulers are themselves irresponsible and actually accountable to no one.

Municipal employees seem to have managed to scuttle another move at good governance much to the dismay of the common man. Irregularity in office being the root cause, the biometric machine was introduced by the present chairperson Mr Savio Coutinho reportedly after receiving complaints about the irregularities which had become a regular feature.

Such a system was for the benefit of all and there was no reason for the employees to oppose such a move. However in opposing this move it clearly demonstrates the fear that these employees carry about their punctuality and attendance regularity.

While this issue should have been dealt with firmly, it seems to have shown the meek side of the government despite the Chairperson holding his ground firm. This will only send a wrong message to the rest of the establishment.

Another attempt at improving governance goes down the drain. Alas Goa!

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