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Booking your wedding date in Goa? Read this first

You are just engaged and that lovely engagement ring is glistening on you by the minute. Your obvious next stop is the wedding date and you just cant wait to fix it. But hold on. Have you considered all the things that you need to be aware of while fixing your we dding date in Goa? Or have you missed something?

Before I pour my thoughts on you, the best way to go about setting your wedding date is to first think of the dreams that you nursed about towards a fairytale wedding since you were a small kid. Did you fantasize about a certain location, an appealing time of the year, flower seasons, or a certain venue for your wedding? If so, take all of these into consideration as you choose your wedding date in Goa.

The reason you need to choose that elusive and magical wedding date very carefully is because it is a date which will stay with you forever for the rest of your life. It will soon be your wedding anniversary day. So how do you choose your wedding date? Keeping the following thoughts in mind as you make your decision could help you a bit.

Which season is the best for your wedding in Goa?
Decide which season you want to get married in Goa. The months of June to September is the monsoon and if you plan your wedding during this time it is the off season period which could give you a good bargain with many wedding vendors. However you will not be able to have your wedding at an outdoor venue simply because of the threat of the rain. However a couple of  good indoor venues in Goa are available and some have a centralized air conditioning system. You could also consider hosting your wedding reception at any of the starred hotels in Goa where your indoor ambience is bound to look pretty good.

The weddings in the months from October to February  are the most busiest months in the wedding season for Goa and this period peaks in the month of December where most of the weddings are stacked heavily. There are a few reasons why this period is so much in demand.

One of the reasons is that this is the typical cooler season throughout the year in Goa and having a wedding can be a pleasant experience with the weather being favorable. Perspiration is minimal and comfort is maximum.
Another reason is that during this time most of the family members settled abroad, expatriates, cousins and NRIs love to visit Goa and it is therefore the ideal time to ensure that your family and friends are around you on your big day.
There are some who decide to have their wedding after the Lenten season beginning somewhere in April till end of May. This being the holiday season in Goa, where the children have the time off can also be a good period to have your wedding date set up.
Do you want to get married on a  weekend or a week day?
Weekends are normally at a marginal premium as compared to weekdays and you may want to be aware of this. However weekdays are hard on the guests as they will find it difficult to adjust to the routine of their work schedules the next morning after your wedding.
Are you planning to coincide your wedding with an anniversary/Birthday?
Some people have their wedding on the wedding anniversary of their parents or even of their close relatives and friends. Some others would like to match it up with their own birthday. So it could be the birthday of the bride or the groom that makes the big day even bigger. Some also consider choosing the date on which they first met or proposed to each other as their preffered choice.

Memorable dates

1  Do you have a fancy for memorable dates? Do you like something like 11/12/13 or 13/12/13? If it is possible, choose a cool wedding date. The above examples  make excellent and memorable wedding dates. But be sure to know that there is a lot of competition for these sweet dates. A lot will therefore depend on how much in advance you do your wedding planning and booking.

o    These few tips may help you to understand that your wedding date needs to be set as per your own convenience, your comfort , your budget and your desire to have the right people around you. Like I said before, your wedding day will soon become your anniversary day. The day which wedded couples eagerly look forward to renew their wedding vows every year.

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