Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goa oppositions : party to anything

Its a joke. Rather tragic for Goans. Opposition parties in the state of Goa belonging to any party over the times have been toothless. Only namesake and with the sole aim of gaining political mileage by aiming to nail the ruling dispensation and not to genuinely solve the problems directly affecting the people.

While critically examining the ruling party for their policies on various matters, the opposition needs to be credible and take the government to task whenever required and similarly applaud its feats whenever called for.

However our opposition parties in Goa sing only one tune and that is only of criticizing the government of the day for anything and everything.They can even show a good event or good works of the government in bad light. They have somehow mastered this unique art. Its a case of crying wolf everytime and anytime and when the wolf actually is charging, we Goans are so numb that we treat it as the usual prank and are least concerned about its threats.

So whenever sincere inflation rises and the prices can't help but go up, they shout in the streets that the government is responsible for the misery of the common man. In their heart they know they would have done the same thing or much worse, if they were around in power.

Whenever there is a law and order problem which may be unprecedented, instead of pooling help with the government, they scream that the government is incapable of protecting the citizens. Never mind that in their time, crime was more and they actually wonder how the present government handled  this one  so well.

Should  there be an earthquake or a flood they surely would run out of ideas and since God cannot be said to be with the ruling party they would prefer to blame the rescue and relief operations and claim that they were short of requirements. They are never happy with the well carpeted roads in Goa and well lit cities in the state of Goa and feel that the government ought to  have done much more.They can find anything positive to convert it into negative while the actual negatives of the government are ignored due to vested interests. Its a tragedy.

In short our opposition parties are full of theatrical maneovres. I guess they owe it to themselves. Their petty survival is necessary to fill up news pages from time to time. Never mind whether it is in the interest of Goa.

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