Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its fasting ,abstinence and time for prayer in Goa

Ash Wednesday saw thousands of Goans flocking to churches early in the morning, beginning the season of Lent. Most Goans will turn vegetarian for the next 40 days while some will abstain from a host of eating and other such pleasures during the entire period.

It is the season of Lent all over the world, which urges Christians around the globe to pray, fast and abstain, while preparing themselves for the biggest feast of the Christian faith which is Easter.For Christians, Easter is the day, Jesus rose from his death signifying victory over death- a day which is preceded by 40 days of penance.

Easter holds a special place for most Christians, and is considered much important and sacred than Christmas. The rising of Jesus from death after three days, brings about salvation into the lives of those who believe.

The period of Lent is drawn from other instances in the Bible including the time spent by Moses on Mount Sinai as also the 40 days and nights of floods in the times of Noah's Ark. However the penance of a physically weak Jesus in the desert, fending off Satan's temptations is the one attributed to the season of penance.

Christians abstain from various pleasures during this season and regard it as  time for self-purification. There are those who regularly fast on Fridays and Wednesdays in the entire period and religiously attend the "stations of the Cross" on those days. Meat is mostly abhorred by Christians during the entire period.

The sacrifices are most often personal in nature and may not be dictated by the Church. Christians find the sacrifices as a means to achieve God's grace through their personal actions which are only noticed by the most High..

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