Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goa Medical College Subway still unused

GMC subway underground Citizens of Goa seem to be taking chances with their lives. Else how can you explain the needless risk taken by citizens on a road where 33 accidents took place last year alone? This is the ground reality at the Goa medical College hospital in Bambolim where people cross the highway by walking across the road but do not use the newly built subway to do so.

This action of the common people is a complete defeat of the purpose for which the grand subway was built and inaugurated by the Speaker of the legislative assembly Mr Pratapsingh Rane on 26th January amidst much fanfare.

The over 7 crore project of the 20m broad and 62 m long mega underground structure housing nine shops seems to be on the road to joining the league of Goan subways which are currently rotting for want of use. Currently such subways meant for similar purpose in Nuvem, Verna and Navelim have no takers and are the unsung white elephants of Goa.

At the GMGMC subway entrance C, there seems to be a frantic rush to catch the bus by crossing the road, the moment an oncoming bus is in sight thereby thrusting the lives of pedestrians at extreme risk. People therefore cross the road at any point on the highway, something which the state government needs to moderate efficiently.

Suggestions have filtered in to erect railings in such a way that the bus-stops are also located close to the subway thereby inducing or forcing people to mandatorily use the subway without resorting to shortcuts by using the highway thereby dangerously negotiating the speeding traffic. Goans are therefore risking their lives and unwittingly falling prey to accidents , causing great grief in Goan families

However there are some niggles on the side of the government as well. Although the subway was inaugurated on 26th January 2009, it is still to be fully completed and the light connections and other finishing touches are yet to be given and therefore the public is also wary of using it.

The government should therefore speed up the work to ensure that the subway does not render itself useless by the time work is actually completed. That would be a complete shame after spending so much of money on the project.

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