Friday, February 27, 2009

Goa tourism to get a 50 cr headstart

The tourism ministry in Goa is planning an aggressive marketing blitz in an international marketing campaign with an estimated budgeted Goa sunsetspend of Rs 50 crore to woo the international tourists to come flocking to the world destination of sun, sea and sand.

The share of the starred hotels in this campaign has also been increased as compared to previous years and hotels in Goa will spend anything between 30 lakh to 65 lakh on advertising in an all cash system.

The ministry of tourism in Goa has increased its budget for this year to Rs 30 crore as against the budgeted spending of Rs 18 crore on tourism promotion campaign last year.

The state is estimated to be earning nearly 1500 crore in terms of revenues through tourism in Goa while the industry is urging the government to increase its budget allocation towards development of the basic infrastructure towards tourism in Goa..

Facilities are constantly needing upgradation at various points of tourism such as safety on beaches, cleanliness and hygiene, repairs and maintenance of roads and paths, water showers at beaches, changing rooms etc and with the world recession hitting Goa, these areas need to be leaving no room for complaint.

The Mumbai terror attacks coupled with global recession affected the tourism arrivals in Goa in the peak season. However Carnival was a big draw and most of the hotels in Goa had good occupancy during the carnival celebrations in Goa

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