Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goans turn to God to solve problems of state

Goans invoking God's intervention It simply demonstrates the frustration that Goans are going through. The government of Goa should work in favour of Goans and should do everything for our welfare. However we find that instead, our government is channelising its energies in displacing Goans from their ancestral land be it agricultural or residential.

Some people in Navelim therefore turned to the savior, who himself made the land. God's intervention was invoked in a very novel protest against the state governments blindness in understanding the sentiments of Goans who are being asked to vacate their land in the name of every kind of destructive development.

In the above case the villagers gathered in the field opposite the Konkan railway station Margao seeking divine intervention from God to save their land from being gobbled up.Villagers here, are in danger of losing their land to accomodate migrants and others, among the displaced vendors of Rawanfond junction at Margao who are promised area on this land thereby raising the opposition from the owners .

While poor farmers run the risk of losing their sole source of livelihood from agricultural farming here, the government has already gone on record to declare this land for the displaced persons' benefit.

One wonders why the government does not re-locate these displaced people in places far away from the mainland such as Canacona or Sattari , Sanguem and other hinterland areas where vacant land may be available for such displaced vendors instead of forcing their will on hapless Goans by relieving us of our prime land.

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