Saturday, February 14, 2009

Curca water tests, do not bode good for garbage dumps in Goa

Water samples from six wells in Curca were analysed for preliminary bacterial analysis, alarmingly revealing the dangers of pollution in ground waters with coliform organisms being identified through the analysis. The findings of the test are expected to be public in about a weeks time.

The samples taken for analysis from six wells in Curca, Sant Anne, Telaulim and Merces which revealed the above strain of bacteria which enters the body through the water and could infect a person with diarrohoea and dysentery.

The team of sanitary inspectors which collected the samples on the directions of the Corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP), were trying to ascertain whether the pollution of the water was caused due to the garbage dump at Curca which was forcefully stopped by Curca residents from being a garbage dumpyard around 5 years ago.

Local residents of Curca have blamed the pollution in the ground water to the waste flowing from the abandoned quarries on the plateau at Curca which they claim was abused to be dumped with garbage more than its capacity to hold.

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