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Portuguese Nationality for Goans: Documentation for Goans born before 19.12.1961

The following documentation is required for Goans to apply for a Portuguese Passport and claim the Portuguese nationality

Place of application:
All applications to claim the Portuguese Nationality should be submitted to the nearest Portuguese Consulate of your area.

The documents needed to apply for the Portuguese passport are:
(A) For those born in the Antigo Estado da India ( Former state of India) before 19th December 1961 ( Day of liberation of Goa):

1. Document of Identification of the applicant ( Indian passport with personal elements in conformity with those stated in the birth certificate)

2. Police Clearance certificate, with a photograph of the applicant pasted, and attested by the issuing authority, stating that no cases, criminal / judicial, are pending against the applicant, and its validity not earlier than six months;

3. Birth certificate of the applicant – Note:- Birth certificates upto 1970 must be in “Teor”

4. Residential certificate with a photograph of the applicant, pasted and attested by the issuing authority, stating the complete residential address of the same ( obtained from the mamlatdar / panchayat)

5. Additional proof of residence of the applicant, specifically for the period from 01.01.1974 to 31.12.1975 ( school / college / Employment / Church certificate)

6. The applicant must submit an old document issued by the Portuguese administration in the erstwhile Estado Portugues da India and only documents with the following characteristics will be considered relevant as proof of date and place of birth.


The document has to be an original issued by the civil registrar of Civil identification Authorities or passport or temporary document of travel. Original documents should not be understood as those obtained by illegal or other means ( i.e pages/certificates removed from the book of records)


1. Issued on an official stamp paper or forms that contains the official emblem of Portugal

2. Should have the signature of the issuing officer and authenticated with a white seal.

3. Identification of the issuing authority

4. Identification of the number and year of registration, if it’s a certificate or number, series and year of document.


The old document has to compulsorily have the following identification matter

Full name:
Date Of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Parents name:

-All original documents except the notarized Xerox copy of he passport, issued in English or in local Indian language, must be accompanied by a translation of the same, in the Portuguese language

- All documents and respective translations, except the notarized Xerox copy of the passport must be attested by

-Those obtained in Goa :
(a) Notary
(b) Collector
(c) Under-Secretary (HOME)

-Those obtained in Daman and Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli
a) Notary
(b) Mamlatdar
(c) Joint Secretary (HOME/ Collector);

-Those obtaining from Maharashtra
a) Notary
(b) Mantralaya ( Home department)
(c) Under-Secretary (HOME)

Consular fees :

Attestation of each document : Rs 719.

(B) For those born after 19th December 1961 - Can apply only after their parents birth and marriage are registered in " Conservatoria dos registos Centrais de Lisboa"(Conservatória records of Central Lisbon)- Please CLICK HERE for the requirements of the documentation.


Viral said...

hello i had a indian passport in which i had my husband name but in my birth certificate it there is my father name after my name.

so please any one can help to get portugal passport

Viral said...

hello all,

My name is viral jivraj

and i am from diu.

according to my indian passport the name in it is like "viral jivraj" and according to my birth certificate it is "viral bhika"

Now can any one help , how to get portugal passport with this indian passport

Ralvin said...

I went to the passport office at Panjim Goa on 30-3-10. It is located next to Goa IDC and not EDC at Patto.
My Indian passport says my name in english is Anthony Mathias Dias. But my teor birth certificate and the documento para Viagem state that my name in Portuguese is Antonio Matias Jose Estevam Victor Dias. Will the Portuguese consulate accept this identity passport name in English as same as myself in Portuguse? Or do I have to make a new passport because my passport expires in 2013. and will the new passport carry my Portuguese name which is rather long? Or can I give a declaration/affidavit with Notary that I am one & same person with these two names spelled differently in English & Portuguse. After all everyone knows that Antonio becomes Anthony and Jose becomes Joseph in English etc.

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