Saturday, February 7, 2009

Goa boy Jonathan Marques given tearful adieu

It was a grief struck Siridao on Friday afternoon in the seaside abode of Goa. Jonathan Marques was finally being laid to rest in his most loved homeland of Goa after his dead body was flown here from Reading, England.

Jonathan who went missing since January 6th in England was followed by a massive manhunt and the comprehensive search of the police aided by the Reading community, which initiated a public campaign to locate the young lad eventually ended when  Jonathan who was feared to have met shallow cold waters was finally retrieved from a pond in Reading on the 26th of January.

Jonathan loved Goa very much and in fact had repeatedly urged and requested his parents to return back to his native place  where he enjoyed the sun tanned beach of Siridao either running among the waves on the coastline or swimming in the waters, something in which he reveled.

His wish was thus fulfilled by his grief stricken parents who ensured that his mortal remains found their final resting place in Goa, his beloved land called home. Well-wishers friends and relatives came from far and wide including aunts and uncles from UK , Sweden and Paris to say goodbye to the 15 year old who was finally laid to rest.

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