Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goa garbage management to get a boost

Goa solid Waste management Corporation is a body which is soon going to be set up by the government of Goa to take care of the solid waste nuisance plaguing the state for a long time.

The Chief Minister Mr Digambar Kamat announced that the corporation would exclusively deal with the management of all kinds of solid waste thereby resolving the vexed issue of solid waste garbage.

Asserting that a house committee visited the solid waste management corporation of Karnataka he informed that the committee had apprised itself of the functioning of the corporation.

The CM while pointing out to the solid waste disposal plant already functioning at Fr Agnel Polytechnic Verna , informed that the said plant treats around half a tonne of biodegradable waste on a daily basis. The corporation would endeavour to help village panchayats to set up their own garbage disposal facilities in an organised manner thereby ensuring that they follow exact procedures in handling waste in the proper manner.

The corporation plans to bring about a proper system in entire Goa for the disposal of garbage with special focus on the coastal regions and the rural villages of Goa and aims to carry out scientific, engineering and sustainable schemes for taking such measures to safely utilise or dispose the solid waste.

The corporation is therefore expected to act like a facilitator to assist the smooth and orderly setting up, growth and development of solid waste management services and facilities, with a view of ensuring a clean and sustainable waste free environment in Goa.

The corporation is expected to generate funds on its won strength through revenue generation methods while the land for the functioning of the corporation will be acquired under the Land acquisition act.

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