Saturday, February 14, 2009

Goa ushers in Valentine's Day

Its the 14th of February 2009. Goa woke up to the red amazement of a day which is gracefully embedded in the history Valentines day in Goaof Love. Its a day which has been looked forward to by people all over the world and Goans are no different. It is indeed the day of expressing Love.

Today is the day to say those beautiful words " I Do Love You" a little louder than usual. The streets in Goa are already speaking loud and clear with shops and establishments adorning their abodes with the language of love.This isn't a day only for  people romantically in love. People of all ages, even those without the special someone are planning ways to give them the special feeling.

Some people in Goa simply wear red on the occasion to show their mere solidarity with the day of Love. Red being the colour of love, it is also believed to express warmth and love is normally expressed with the presenting of a red rose to a loved one.It is the most ancient and well choreographed language of love which can instantly send the message across.

Some people in Goa simply gather with friends around them to gush each other with the special Valentine flavour which is too strong to ignore even if you are single. Some others would like to engage themselves in the love of their life which may be a hobby or an interest one pursues passionately.

Some singles have their own way in Goa to celebrate Valentine's day and meet up to have a bash on their own. They sing songs in a great camaraderie and have a big party to celebrate the love of being alone but happy, successful and single.

Many Goans would prefer to be with their parents and elders and give back some of the love that they showered on them all these years and made them into what they are today. Valentine's day gives you that opportunity to express your love and gratitude for all the things that you would like to say " I Love You" for.

Of course for Goan couples, it is the mother of all days. They have been looking forward to this like a thirsty person looks for a drop of water. This day brings in them a certain enthusiasm and gushes of Love. Love knows no bounds and chocolates, candies, heart shaped cards, teddies, bear hugs and cartloads of roses are part of this super day which " makes the day" for millions in the world.

Goa has also lined up various dine and dance occassions to invoke the passionate fire burning in the heart and to give the opportunity of swaying to music with your beloved one in your cosy arms. Its like a fever that has gripped starred hotels. Restaurants, jewellery shops, card shops, gift shops, movie theatres etc. But every year there seem to be strange entrants claiming their share of the Valentine pie. So nowadays you have car companies claiming the Valentine drive, computers and peripherals being sold with a Valentine offer, denims clinging to the Valentine threadline, music and movie tunes claiming the Valentine song and even digital cameras and power inverters wanting a click of the powerful Valentine love bite.

" A happy Valentine's day " indeed. May the love grow in Goa and make this place all the more beautiful.

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