Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dance magic of Christmas to help pump New year in Goa

The party revellers were all there without a bow. Terror threats were brutally stamped by party revellers in Goa putting on their dancing shoes and danced Christmas nights to their most logical Goan conclusions. After all “ the party had to go on”.

With ChristmGoa christmas partyas having raked in the moolah for the organizers of the dances, fingers are not kept so anxiously crossed for the bigger brother, the “New Year dance party”in Goa. From Emerald lawns in parra to Kesarval motels in Verna to Woodbourne Country club in Nuvem or Blasco executive Centre in Navelim, dances were packed with Christmas party people to the brim with some places having to send some people back due to the house-fulness of the place.

Party organizers in Goa are therefore in great spirits to draw even better crowds for the upcoming New year dances. Traditional dances are expected to hold their strong sway over party revellers who sometimes have a strong bond with a place and are willing to party irrespective of security concerns as per many organizers.

It seems that the government relaxed its tightrope and allowed parties to continue throughout the night although the cutoff timing on Christmas night is expected to be by 12 pm after obtaining necessary permission from the Collector’s office. The Beach parties are however in ban mode and no beach parties are currently alloed in Goa til January 5 ,2009.

New year 2009 is therefore expected to be one helluva party for many Goans and Indian or foreign tourists visiting goa for the greatest moment of the New year.

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