Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goa Dental College without tooth filling material for over 3 months

It isn’t just sad. It is shameful. With cartloads of money spent on festivals like IFFI which are ‘inconsequential to Goans”, the Goa government seems to be in complete bankruptcy to procure mere dental material for the survival of the Goa Dental College.

Students at the dental college express helplessness at such a pathetic and careless response from the government . For the last 3 months, the premier dental college of the state does not have permanent tooth filling material and the doctors have to work on the patients over and over again for the same tooth problem because the Goa Government does not find it an urgent issue affecting the common man.

The result is that the common man who had to visit the dental college once, has to do so several times and every time on appointment, the dental college does not have any permanent dental material to fill up cavities of patients resulting in repeated dental decay and repeated trauma for patients.

This is a glaring shame for the Government of Goa which spends crores of rupees on useless festivals like IFFI but cannot look after its citizens for basic medical facilities.

It shows the lawlessness of our politicians and our governemnt in Goa that they do not value the time and patience of Goans and instead are busy with their own scheme of things.

The minister of Health should take himself to task and resign from his position owing responsibiltuy for the abject and disgusting failure to do his job.

Such carelessness by the political class in our country results in serious problems in our society resulting in terror attacks and other dangerous outcomes.

Xittuk Goencar

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