Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Churchill swears by Romi Konkani again

Uday Bhembre the well known Konkani writer and protagonist came in for severe criticism from the PWD minister Mr Churchill Alemao who squarely blamed him for dividing the state on the language issue by inserting the clause of “ Devnagari script “ of Konkani during the framing of the Official language act of Goa

Mr Churchill lamented the insertion of the clause and said that had the clause not been put, the language in both the scripts would have been prospering in Goa alongside each other. He further added that the faster the roman script is accorded official status, the faster the growth of the language would be.

He said that Roman Konkani could be instrumental in safeguarding Goa’s identity and called upon tiatrists from Goa to remain united to fight the cause of Roman Konkani

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