Thursday, December 4, 2008

IFFI, Terror and V.P. Singh

Gone by is a very tragic week. But ironically there was entertainment too. Goa was caught between terror, a prime ministers death and films.

While the death of the former prime Minister Mr V.P. Singh earned him a seven day mourning, the death of over 200 citizens in a brazen terror attack did not. While Mr. V.P Singh died a natural death and was expected to pass away, the sudden snatch of death of over 200 citizens is less important for mourning. What a tragedy of protocol.

The terror did not drain the life of IFFI goa like the death of the former prime Minister did and all cancellations of entertainment are officially attributed to his death alone. The trailing line of the Mumbai terror attacks is just the dressing on the salad.

All entertainment was shut and all artistes who were paid advances have to be paid the balance as well. There is however the customary confusion at IFFI Goa even after the event is over.

Meanwhile one hopes that our country shows more respect to its citizens instead of just the political woodstock.

Xittuk Goencar

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