Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tourist Security force for Goa soon

If the proposal of the Union tourism ministry goes through as per plan, Goa could indeed be the first state in the country to set up a tourist security force which should give a lot of cheer to the tourism industry.

The Tourism Goa beach securitysecurity force(TSF) is constituted to provide safety and security to tourists visiting Goa. Such a force attains importance in view of the various incidents in Goa which have given the state a bad name. Also the terrorist threat perception in coastal areas is now a prime reason for such a force to take shape in Goa.

Security personnel along the coast line especially in vulnerable areas of the coast is one of the suggestions towards the security force’s operations.The tourism department has concluded that such a force should be made up of ex-servicemen but is however not sure how many such ex-servicemen are available to take up the job in Goa.

Such a force is expected to ward off any untoward incidents in Goa and ensure the safety and security of tourists visiting the state from all over the world.

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