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The Baga Beach

After CalanguBaga beach sunsette, the Baga beach is probably the most popular beach in Goa. A place made famous by the hippies in the seventies, the baga beach is a favourite haunt of tourists who visit Goa. Some opine that baga is an extension of Calangute which may be true since the two beaches are in absolute close proximity to each other.

Located down the creek at the quieter end of the Candolim-calangute beach stretch, it simply completes the trio of Goa’s super beaches and is a must to baga river flowig in the seavisit. Hotels and guest houses abound in this place since it is a regular destingation of tourists. One can even walk around the cliffs to Anjuna in case hiking interests you. On the way you are bound to find a small secluded bay and beach shack aptly called "Cliffs" perfect for stopping for a bite or a drink. Calangute is within walking distance in the opposite direction and incase your legs are weak to make the walk, there is ample transport to take you there.

How to Reach baga
Baga beach can be reached easily from Mapusa and panjim by buses, cabs auto rickshaws and motorcycle pilots. It is around 10-12 kms from PanjimThe Baga beach is blessed with a beautiful scenery and this is the best place to test your photography skills as you are bound to come up with a nice picture.! The Baga River flows into the sea near the beach and at the junction of the river and the sea, one can see a rock abode against which the waves continuously crush themselves giving a fresh lease of life to the place every few seconds.

Nightlife in baga
Baga beach has the most vibrant nightlife in the north of Goa and is frequented by toubaga nightliferists. From all nationalities. Titos’s which is synonymous with Goa is a favourite haunt and it seems to be the complete den of disco and the complete night hangout for many tourists who swear loyalty to it for years. There are also numerous other discos and pubs to choose from.

What to see
Baga's is known to attract people simply to its world famous beach. Enjoy a relaxing day and watch the water sports activities.
What to Buy
While tourist souvenirs are all over the place, leatherware shops too make some brisk business. Opticians are a good bargain for various types of glasses which could be quite expensive in Europe or elsewhere. There are a few of second hand book stores as well where you can get fifty percent back on returning the book. Books are available in atleast a dozen European languages

Where to eat
Baga beach has plenty of food places and eateries and one can find some of the best range of restaurants in Goa located at baga. swanky pizzerias as well as roof top cafes that serve amazing espresso coffee are also in neighbourhood with Italian, goan, Mexican, thai and continental cuisine. there is one for almost every budget including some ridiculously cheap places. Baga beach is famous for its beach shacks that serve local cuisine which is absolutely scrumptious and some even offer fresh catch of seafood. Recommended places are

Brittos – Known for seafood , meat platter and mouth watering desserts
Sousa Lobo’s – A favourite traditional place for great seafood and traditional goan food. Very popular
The Cavala Seaside Resort, Baga Road has barbeque nights with loads of entertainment
J & A's Little Italy, across the Baga River along Baga Creek Road. Servessuperb Italian cuisine ina nice ambience.
Lario's Beach Shack, is located at the top end of the beach
Fiesta is a classic though bit expensive place for Italian cuisine that is well worth the bite. Great food, lovely ambience and excellent service makes it a good bet for any occasion.
Casa Portuguese ia a classic place for Portuguese cuisine
La Resturaunt, Baga Road – toast champagne with French cuisine .
Mooncrest – on the road to the beach is also a fab place

Other details
The road leading to baga beach is dotted with shops and establishments of various types and it is good practice to have a walk down the road to check the stuff. There is also a tattoo shop and if you want some scene of Goa tattooed onto your arm for that permanent goan experience it could be your haunt as well
Happy Bagaing!

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