Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goa does a mock drill to test terror response

A mock cmock drill on terrorrisis management was in practice yesterday at the Hotel Leela in Mobor Cavelosim . The mock drill was taken to assess the effectiveness of the forces to counter terrorism in the state.

It was a scene taken straight from the last week’s Mumbai horror. Two terrorists tmock terror drill in Goaake over a starred hotel and lay siege to the hotels gym and spa, when the hotel calls up the police and soon enough police and commandos engage in a hour long operation which also involved the staff of the hotel assisting the fire personnel department in extinguishing a fire in a simulated exercise.

Choppers flying, commandos in full gear, fire department in readiness, airlifting of injury hit staff, etc showcased an operation of the Goa police, the coast guard, and the navy, which was a first such mock drill in the state, following the centre’s direction to focus on co-ordinated approaches to stave off future attacks from the sea.

Such drills are reported to heterror drill by commandos in Goalp see the effectiveness of the system and enable to identify the shortcomings in the preparedness to face such an attack by creating a terror like situation and exerting the resources to a near practical situation to get an actual feel of the combined response to ensure that in any eventuality of facing a terror situation, the response action is not found wanting.

Meanwhile tight security continues to be in place at most of the hotels which are on high alert, ensuring that Goa is absolutely safe for everyone to travel and remains as the most favoured destination for the world tourist .

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