Monday, December 22, 2008

Vavraddeancho Ixtt completing Platinum Jubilee

The popular Konkani weekly Vavreaddeancho ixtt which is the only Konkani weekly publicavavraddeancho ixtttion being published continuously since 1933, in Goa , is expected to conclude its platinum jubilee celebrations with a special closing ceremony function on Monday December 22.

The Konkani weekly which is still run by the Pilar society was first started in 1933 by Fr Arsencio fernandes and Fr Graciano Moraes.

On the 22nd of December , the Vavreadancho Ixtt awards will be conferred on several Konkani writers and on those who contributed largely to the Konkani language and to goan culture. Also social activists and young Konkani writers who have been associated with the weekly are expected to be felicitated on that day.

A special issue of the publication is also slated to be released and the launch of the Vavreadancho Ixtt supplement will also see light. A platinum jubilee song, a violin instrumental with the piano, a raag, comedy skits , dances and mandos are all expected to be part of the programme highlighting 75 years of the publication’s existence in Goa

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