Monday, December 15, 2008

Our great tradition of the Goan Mando

The GoanGoan Mando personified Mando has proven that it can not only withstand the modern age but can also invigorate modern youth to bring out new forms of the nostalgic Goan song which brings a certain sense of belonging to our beloved land that Goans love so much.

The Goan Mando is indeed an interpretation of the way of life that we led in GoaGoan Mando form. Over the years the melodies have always kept my ears in full attention in my pursuit of capturing the poetic lyrics followed by amusement at the craftiness of the compositions. I must say I have been consistently refilled with the great sense of Goan poetry in Romi Konkani which fills the beauty of the Goan Mando.

The Goan Mando is a very articulately documented narration of our culture, our assimilations, our times with the portuguese , our pre-portuguese era, our various dance forms and to a large extent the camaraderie of the niz Goencar.It has our history rooted deeply into its woven melodies whether it is the advent of the EuropeanGoan dance traditional race in our country or the Conversions of convenience or the battlefronts of Goa. Whether it is a a problem getting married, or whether a spinster finds life easier, the caste and class conflicts, the arrogance of the Goan landlords, the power struggles between the Portuguese and the Rane’s, the inquisition of Goa, different wedding celebrations etc, they all find their rightful place in the Goan Mando.

The recengoan villagetly held mando festival was a clear testimony to this fact and it was absolutely delighting to note in this festival, that the documentation of history in the Goan mando is a continuous process and is being renewed with similar passion of yesteryears, till today.

The various groups came up with original compositions worth mentioning here as these compositions strike a chord in modern Goa. We had the Vellechim Sallkam rendering “

SEZ naka SEZ naka,
Lokanni bobal kelo vhodllo,
ministerancher tension ailam,
builder-ancho ghettla mhunn pottlo

Which meant that people opposed the SEZ’s in Goa vehemently and the Goan Misnisters are currently tensed because of the opposition, as they have already taken kick-backs to approve the SEZ’s.

And you had their dulpod lamenting about the rape of a tourist , urging friendlier attitude towards tourists , which went like this:

Goyant zaite tourist yeyat
Tumkam boro ievkar dinv-ia
Bolotkar ani Khunn korun nhoi
Pun resped, mannan vagunv-ia..

Then there was the Mando Ojapancho mog sung by Fatordechim fullam which heaped praises on the Ana fonte spring which is located in the heart of Margao.

The Harmonizers of Utorda gave an account of the average Goan who seems to be pinched by the recent increase in the cost of the Goan pao. Their song clearly expressing their dismay at the regular increase in the cost of the Goan pao and the willingness to forsake the pao for the home made chapatis.

Ponk ponk korun goencho poder ieta
Don rupiancho pao ek gansak veta
Tin rupian pao zanvcho asa mhunn
Soggleak boball zata,
Poder pao tuje naka
Ami bhakri korun khatanv.

The mando mogi of Margao decided to focus on the communal tensions being created by political parties and their song spoke about the desecration of idols and churches in Goa and the tensions created between communites due to this

Murteo foddleo, igorjeo moddleo konnachea ragan?
Bhed bhav korun zoggdim kortai dhormachea nanvan.

One hopes that the beautiful tradition to showcase history through the Goan Mando, goes on and our culture, history and civilization transcends through such wonderful renditions of authentic Goan songs.

Love You Goa

Xittuk Goencar

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