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Goa-Your December Getaway

Come December and it has to be Goa. Every tourism hungry traveler and his cousin, sister or relative in India makes a visit plan to this absolutely fantabulous tourist destination. From clergymen to politicians to entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals to business leaders, they all want to escape their maddening schedules and simply chill out in Goa.

Since the seventies, Goa has caught the imagination of tourists all over the world. The hippies having first started the trend of jumping for virgin Goa, it has become a favourite haunt for the world tourist with tourists currently spanning from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, to Russia, Israel, japan and the list goes on.

For the average world tourist, Goa is relatively a cheap holiday and their single monthly earning could probably earn them a plush holiday in Goa for over a fortnight. The result of such a beeline for goa has burst Goan accommodation at its hips and rooms are hardly available especially during the Christmas and new year weeks.

Why Goa in December ?
Some opine that December is not exactly the right month to visit goa as the rates of all tourism related mmap of goaerchandise or tariffs of hotel rooms or any other excursion facilities are probably at its peak. However the die-hard lover of goa is not bound to listen to that excuse and would simply not want to miss out on the fun and frolic in Goa in December. Our political babus in India are no different. They all like to find themselves where the entertainment is the highest and they are normally in Goa in Decmeber’s last week to celebrate the new Year at the most rocking place In India. The result is that tourists outnumber the Goans during this period.

What does one really long for in Goa? There is fortunately limitless holiday pleasure in store in this place especially if you are an avid nature lover.

Some of the famous discos in Goa are Bamboo Forest disco, Paradiso Disco, Club Cabana Disco, Club Antoos Disco, Hill Top Disco, Club Tito's Disco and Club Extreme Disco.

Goan Hang-outs
If song, dance and music catches you wild Titos in Baga-Calangute, Wild, Congo in Cgoan prawn cuisineandolim and Club Cubana in Arpora , Paradiso, Loungefly etc are the places to be in. Going to Tito's has become a prestige trip and everyone wishes to head for that den going by its entertainment reputation and in fact Mumbai's page three folks rush in there in droves for its synonymous identity with Goa. The food secondary for them but entertainment is main page.

Culturally being very rich, Goa and Goans are fused with a blend of western dances music fusing with the local traditional tempo which seems to be in the blood for almost all goans. You get a strange feeling of the carribbean gusto in most goans. Ingo's Saturday Nite Bazar in Arpora is also a big draw with a wide show and variety of garments, handicrafts and trinkets and is patronized by one and all.

Cuisine in Goa is absolutely delicious and lip-smacking and will leave you wanting for more everytime. For world cuisine presence, there's Thai, Mediterranean cuisine and the very tantalizing Indian cuisine among others.

But if you choose to be far from the bustling crowd you can opt for a number of smooth getaways. There's the serene Palolem beach in Canacona, the southern tip of Goa with nostalgic goan thatched accommodation on stilts that gives one an exotic flavour .
Want the spice of Goan food?
Then there is the Seagull Resorts in Betul, 17 km from Margao on the road to Agonda. Situated on the banks of the river Sal, it is peaceful and with the jetty nearby (it is at the confluence ofgoan cuisine the river) good, fresh fish is available and is is quite affordable.River Sal is another hotel nearby so are plenty of smaller joints for good fish. In fact fish as a delicacy is best in Goa’s traditional places abounding in Goa and a normal enquiry on the Goan street about good places for fish should take you there quicker.

Goan food especially the catholic community’s food in Goa is a blend of Portuguese and local ethnic taste. It is tangy, tastefully Spicy and endowed with a nice add of coconut vinegar and therefore quite specially distinctive in taste. Sorpotel had with the local sannas( this is a brilliant coconut toddy andsannas from Goa rice bread) and pork vindaloo are favourites on the goan table spread, so is xacuti (chicken) and roast pigling. Pork is naturally popular in Goa as there are anumber of dishes which Goans prepare with pork and freshly slaughtered pork is freely available at every nook and corner in Goa. To add to the appetite a sip of cashew feni, the very pure local brew,can do the trick for your taste buds as well as for your throat andd is used in goa even for medicinal purposes. Some consume cashew feni in place of hard liquor but we advise against it due to the evil of alcoholism as an addictive practice. Having said that the notion that Goans are drunkards is a myth and the common Goan is never seen hitting the bottle.

There is plenty to write about goa which will surely fill many pages of this blog. For now this is good enough reason to get going in Goa. So enjoy in Goa better than last time around and wait for more updates on this blog about Goan people, favourite haunts etc.

Xittuk Goencar

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