Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its Merry Christmas in Goa!

Its the 25th of December 2008. And hey its Christmas!!

Christmas was ushered in Goa with traditional pomp and gaiety with midnight masses as per schedule. The entire state of goa was a picture of bright light and colour with stars ,cribs and lights dotting homes and Christmas carols renting the air in Goan homes.

Midnight masses in Goa saw huge crowds all over Goa despite the heavy security arrangements in place which failed to deter traditional Goans from attending midnight mass and thereafter the revelries in form of dance and parties both indoors and outdoors in various locales in Goa.

Christmas day , the 25th of December starts with a complete bang in most Goan homes as families and friends come together in unison either personally or by calling each other over the phone with greetings of “ Merry christmas”.

This is followed by the exchange of sweets in the neighbourhood and among friends. Normally families in mourning do not prepare any sweets at Christmas time and are therefore offered more than the others. There is lovely social mingling among people in Goan neighbourhoods and people are seen exchanging warm pleasantries with each other.

A walk around the local villages and cities in Goa on the Christmas afternoon gives you the unmistakable fragrance of good food being served with its aroma spreading in theChristmas joy in Goan homes Christmas cheer. It is a fabulous feast that families and friends treat themselves to, however modest their lifestyles may be. So, in most Goan homes, Christmas is an elaborate lunch comprising of a stunning main entrée with atleast two to three equally accompanying dishes, one of which is either the pork vindalho or the roast pigling. You could also see stuffed roast or chicken or perhaps a turkey marinated in green masala and filled with raisins, liver, mashed potatoes and fruits. Basted with olive oil, it is baked slowly in the kitchen. A stuffed piglet could also find its way on the menu. Sorpotel, Cafreal and the famous Goan pulao are delicacies which are seldom avoided. A large salad spread at the edge is next to pudding or dodol in the wings of the table.

Christmas lunch is an important part of the festival celebrations as the families in Goa believe that it is the most befitting occasion for members of the family to come together and for all the family members ot eat under one roof and from the same table. It is almost an unfailing get-together for most Goan families in Goa. In fact relatives and family people working outside Goa ensure that they secure leave in advance to be at home in Goa for Christmas.

Happy Christmas To Goans and to Christians all over the world.

Xittuk Goencar

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