Monday, December 8, 2008

Goa’s Regional plan – misery untold

The controversies associated with the Goa regional plan are refusing to part away from it. Since the time a draconGoa regional planian proposal called regional plan 2011 was being forced unsuccessfully down our throats, the subsequent papers which are being reluctantly circulated among the masses of Goa by the government after bowing down to Goan public pressure, through the village Panchayats, are meeting with stiff resistance thanks to the vigilant citizens of Goa.

Never before has such unity been observed in Goa for the benefit of our land and the bodies of the village panchayats are in for a irritating surprise at the way the citizens are attending the meetings and vocing concerns about the plan and its effects on the village. The chorus now seems to suggest for a extension of time to discuss the features of the plan in more detail and try to understand the plan better before accepting or rejecting its designs.

7th December 2008 was therefore an important day for many Goans in many village panchayats who had special meetings to discuss the regional plan. From Nuvem, to aquem baixo, to colva till carmona , from Navelim, to velim to Benaulim in south Goa the regional plan was a bone of contention at all meetings.

Some panchayats were upset about the absence of any TCP( town and country planning) officials at the gram sabha meetings to enlighten the villagers about the intricacies of the regional plan, while pointing out discrepancies.Some other panchayats have asked for more time to aact on the matter while expressing diaapointment in the interpretation of the plans which has failed to show the locations of some water bodies reservoirs etc .

While the colva gram sabha has been vociferously seeking explanations about the haphazard construction activities which are harmful for the village, mega projects continued to rock the Benaulim gram sabha for the umpteenth time.

The gram sabhas have indeed proved it utility for the lay Goan to voice out his resentment about the toxification of goa before it is too late.

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