Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Identify terrorists by what they wear, say Goa Police

The Goa police is on the verge of releasing a handbook to be distributed in Goan households by respective beat constables to keep Goans in an awareness mode, using a direct educative means of combating terror.

While lakhs of such handbooks will be distributed freely in Goa, around 5000 posters are awaiting display at prominent locations across Goa.

Police beTerror suspectlieve that terrorists can also be identified by the clothes they wear as they wear clothes which are unsuited to the weather conditions arund them probably in a bid to conceal their identity or the ammunition that they carry with them.The terrorists try hard to blend with the rest of the public around them but can be spotted easily if the citizens remain vigilant.Some unnatural bulge may also be seen in the terrorists attire.

Suspicious vehicle identifying is another area mentioned in the handbook. Terrorist vehiTerror suspectscles could be identified by a sagging rear side or an improved or mis-matching registration plate. Such vehicles may also be found parked in a central busy area for an unusually longer period of time or be parked in a no-parking zone.

Goans need to be observant to help deal with terror and the effort of the Goa police is to educate the public by keeping them informed and thereby enhancing alertness.

The Goa police are also urging Wi-Fi users to enable high security habits besides registering the MAC address of all users in the routers log and ensuring that there is a login ID and password.

The Handbook also provides tips on what should be done in the event of an attack, both during and after the attack.People , at the site of a terrorist attack are also advised to move to more open spaces avoiding tall buildings and vehicles.

Besides advising the general public, the handbook deals with the role to be played by hotels, guest houses, car and two wheeler segments, brokers, real estate agencies and also security agencies

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