Saturday, December 13, 2008

mock drill operation" Blue Rose"puts goans on panic mode

Goa and Goans were suddenly caught on the wrong foot on Friday evening when the Goa police suddenly started checking all vehicles entering and leaving Panjim city.

The action was triggerred after a fake wireless message was flashed across police stations that a terrorist had shot a person dead at patradevi border check post and fled the scene in a blue ford fusion car bearing a specified registration number.

Goa police went into action mode to trace and detain the vehicle and its occupants wherever they are spotted, alerting all PCR vans and emergency service vehicles were kept ready for emergencies.

Codenamed "operation Blue Rose" the anti-terror mock drill took place between 7 pm and 7.30 pm with security beefed up at every police station in areas under their jurisdiction.
In the meanwhile panic spread among people in the city and citizens started querying with various newspaper offices to get the exact details of the excercise and were relieved upon being informed about the mock drill operation.

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