Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arambol beach- a distinct flavour of tranquility

Also known as the harmal beach, the arambol beach is located in the Pernem taluka in the Northern part sunset in arambolof Goa around 17 km to the north of chapora and around 35 km north of Panjim.

Arambol abounds in natural beauty largely because the area is relatively quieter than other beach areas of Goa. The population of the area is a few thousands and is only increased by the flow of tourists every year.
The beach at Arambol extends from the portion of the headland, just north of the village, to Mandrem, about 2km. to the south. Actually this beautiful and wide, palm dotted beach continues pleasantly until it reaches the Chapora river on the south of Morjim about 8kms.away.
The main road that runs through the arambol village terminates on the northern end of Arambol beach thus atracting a majority of people and the major beach shacks and restaurants are therefore located herstunning rocks arambole.
Accomodation is absolutely cheap either in local houses run by families or in small huts scattered around the rocky headland and small bays on the northen side of the beach. Recently some modern hotels have also found themselves placed in this area although there is a resistance from the locals to refuse permission to hotels in order to maintain the serene beauty of the place.
A taxi or a bus is the best way to reach Arambol and both these means of transport are available from mapusa and chopdem and various tourists from India and people or picnickers from goa especially enjoy the peace and tranquility of Arambol .
The beach has one part which has a fresh water lake closer to the sea, and is beautifully enclosed between low hills that hide a spectacular Banyan tree. Owing to its tranqufresh water Arambol lakeil and peaceful nature the beach naturally attracts many international tourists, particularly tourists from Israel especially in the winter season between December and February. Many hippie travellers are also attracted to Arambol as they feel at home here owing to the bohemian feeling which arambol gives them and which is no longer found in other areas.

In Arambol rocky seaside of Arambol the two major communities are catholic and hindu. The Church of 'Our Lady of Mount Carmel' also serves the religious catholics of Arambol and this place abounds in religious harmony. A fantastic place for the world tourist to visit and get lost in tranquility.

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