Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its bouncing business for Goa's Security firms

One mans poison is another man's food. Or so it seems. The Mumbai terror and the anti-terrorism wave coupled with the enhanced security concerns all over the country and especially goa has given a boost to the demand for security personnel and equipment in Goa.

With goa being high on the radar of the terrorists, the security firms in Goa are busy catering to the high demand for security personnel and security and surveillance equipment.

Places where crowd frequency is higGoa security guardh are the most insecure and are scouting in desperation for extra security thus ensuring high demand of the security agencies in Goa. Clubs, discos, pubs, restaurants, cinema halls, dance venues etc where there is a high crowd concentration are areas of high risk, as perceived by the state establishment and thus these places are being given utmost attention by the owners of the places themselves. Moreover these places are constantly frequented by tourists from all over India and the world and therefore exposed to a higher degree of risk thereby necessisating higher demand for security.

One hopes that the current festive season passes off peacefully and Goa is saved from any attacks whatsoever.

Xittuk Goencar

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