Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Good Goan Christmas is here!

It surely is that Christmassy feeling again in Goa. It’s the 24th of DChristmas Star in Goaecember 2008 and the markets are absolutely abuzz. Homes are full of Christmas décor, carols are renting the air, the kitchen is trying to find new space to accomodate neurios, dodols , kulkuls, bebincas, cakes, etc etc.

Cribs are being given the finishing touches after over weeks of hard work flowing into moChristmas tree in Goast them which have been planned more than a month ago and which could probably be visited by thousands in the days to come. Parish youth are busy chalking out programmes for the kids and the elders to make the Christmas day andChristmas Star in Goa the season full of excitement and fun. The traditional stars are still being constructed out of bamboo and very articulately at that. Some huge stars are welcome signs in most villages of Goa, with huge messages of Christmas and the upcoming New year.

Young children have already taken to the streets in the evenings around 10 days ago with one of them masquerading as Santa Claus , belting out melodious Christmas Carols for a contribution which should help them to organize their own kiddy party for all the hard work they put in for all these evenings.

Outdoors are bound to look lighted up for the season with fine lights running a long length to give that festiveChristmas crib in Goa look to almost every alternate house in Goa. The Christmas tree finds itself in every home ,street, corner and and The star at the entrance or in the gallery gives that complete and endearing belonging to the Christmas fever that has gripped Goa like always and Christmas greetings all over the city and the state make Goa look like Christmas’ own country.

The shoChristmas Shopps and business establishments have also caught up quickly with the Christmas fever in Goa and one sees all glass doors and frontages painted with Santa musings, buntings, hollies and reindeers. Christmas merchandise, schemes and gift vouchers for Christmas does make brisk business for many businessmen in Goa who have been looking forward to this day for the whole year.

The newspapers like every year are traditionally splashed with dance party adverts coaxing Goans with choicest bands, comperes, prizes, gifts and novelties as their USP to sell their dance party over the others. Shopping discounts are also splashed with various incentives for the avid Christmas shopper.

Christmas festival is indeed a joy of sharing and giving as much as it is of receiving and is an occasion to thank God for all his blessings on Goa and Goans.

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