Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 – Year of battles to Save Goa

The year 2008 is about to come to a close. With 2009 beckoning us, it is important to note what Goa and Goans achieved in this year.

Surely this year has to go down as the year of countless mini-uprisings. From acrimonious gram sabhas to taking to the streets of Goa, Goans have finally found their respective forums for protesting rampant unplanned development without restraint.

In the name of development and progress, Goans were being lured into accepting gigantic building plans and other similar huge projects without any back-up of infrastructure or with complete disregard to the depletion of natural resources which could easily erode our land and more importantly our identity. With large development, an obvious massive influx of migrants and therefore the question of their settlement, seems to be the least concern of our grandiose and greedy Goan planners. Corruption and lack of morality had already reached its ebb in Goa long ago but now it seems to be going down towards an unending pit .

We were continuously blackmailed in the name of the “anti-development lobby” . However this time there was an allround display of solidarity from almost every nook and corner of Goa. Goans had suddenly pulled out their microscopes from their dusty attics and were willing to spare time to check what their region was mischievously planned for, by greedy fellow Goans willing to sell our land to the highest bidder who does not have any love for our land and is ever willing to dump his economic sense to convert our beautiful landscapes into ugly concrete jungles .

Pot bellied bureaucrats and greedy politicians are currently in mourning for the losses they have incurred for the current year. This year must be their worst. And they will be ruing the fact that it has nothing to do with the economic meltdown affecting the world. It is a befitting punishment inflicted on them by Goans. Goan politicians have no love for Goa, All that they love is their belly and for that they are willing to sell their soul.

Their rewards for the year 2008 are the curses which Goans have heaped on them which surely will send them to their doom if they continue to ignore the realities facing Goa.

Having said that we do have plenty of rotten apples among the Goan activists who are all fighting to save Goa from different groups of leeches. Some of these rotten apples have already been exposed and are unsuccessfully trying to cover their face with their dirty hands. May their fate be worse than the politicians whom they are trying to nail and serve their own interests. It is because of this rogue gallery of rotten apples that the whole movement of Saving Goa is getting a bad name.
However there are plenty of distinguished individuals who have spent their precious time and effort to tirelessly work to drill down into Goan heads, the wisdom of saving Goa and are continuously working towards that unending goal till today. They deserve a many-gun salute on every Goa liberation day before any parade and any useless politically motivated felicitations.

The year 2008 will go down as the year of the battles to save Goa.

Viva Goa! Viva Goencar

Xittuk Goencar

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