Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Goa's stray dog menace on the road to cull

There couldn't be better news than this. For years I have been stupefied at the dumbnesstray dogs in Goas of authorities and proxy dog lovers at the brutality meted out to human beings by stray dogs and their protectors who whiz around in posh cars, dine in fine restaurants and sleep in extra cushioned beds only to emerge as dog-rights activists for media gatherings and dogged forums on the rabid subject.

So the Bombay high court's order which says that the authorities in civic bodies can eliminate dogs that are diseased, dangerous and causing a nuisance, including dogs who could well be considered to be a nuisance by barking or chasing pedestrians, scooters, motorists at night, was a welcome relief to the common man who has been hounded by stray dogs in the streets for no fault of his, much to the pleasure of dog lovers.

The coustray dog bitesrts were responding to a PIL filed in the matter seeking the Courts intervention to direct the governement to protect its citizens from the terrible hazards caused by stray dogs resulting in terible injuries, death due to rabies, fear phobias and huge expenditure to the common man to relieve himself of dog bites.

The PIL filed by a Vasco based doctor, Dr. Rozario Menezes , in 2001 , sought the removal of stray dogs from public places, pleading for the life and health and safety of citizens as guaranteeed under article 21 of the indian cosntitution by the removal of all stray dogs from public places to ensure safety of the citizens.

The Bombay high court has passed favourable orders with some riders and the citizens can now demand from the municipality for removal of strays from their neighbourhood


Anonymous said...

Sir, I would like to ask you if you have seen any dog, or any animal being put to sleep? Are you not aware that dogs, like us, feel pain and beweilderment. Are you not aware that everytime you harm any living creature, you create cause and effect and it comes right back at you.
Sir, let me ask you to please be sensitive to living beings beyond yourself and give them a chance.
If you are concerned about your safety and security, why dont you first do something about the real danger that you have - human beings without compassion.

Xittuk Goencar said...

Hi there! I think you have failed to read my post and are making your own sweet judgements about it. I wonder whether you have gone through my entire post and so I don't think any of your comment merits a reply.

Just becasue you want to make your point it does not mean that you just make a brazen statement

First get the facts right. Then comment.

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