Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's air fills Goa as usual

The fever of the Valentine spirit seems to have caught on early in Goa t his year. Like always Goa is the most favoured destination in India, for lovers to express their feelings for each other on this love packed day which is on the 14th of February every year.

However valentine heart mouse this year, newspapers in Goa have begun the rampage of spreading the news a shade early. The competitions for love messages has already begun and there are some added attractions to woo people to publish messages by some newspapers in Goa, holding a daily draw and picking out some daily winners through lots. Just adds to the feeling that Love is being rewarded in advance.

Come 14th February and most restaurants, parks, movie halls, and almost all other places where romance is easier said, because of this day, will be generously stuffed with couples exchanging sweet somethings and many proposals between would-be lovers are bound to be more comfortably expressed than otherwise.

Card shops which nowadays make literally no business thanks to the SMS and the email syndromes, mysteriously have still got the avid lover hooked on to give the Valentine's card, which seems to still have a meaning of its own in this fast modern age.

So take out your Valentine on 14th February and join the crowd of elite people who have not limited the day only for opposite sexes to express love, but have extended the theory to encompass love between parents and children, between siblings or cousins or simply between two people who feel that this was the best day to say" I do love you"

So go ahead and paint the town red. You will cherish it. Because this day was meant to be so.

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