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Goa Tour - An insight into Goa, Goan beauty, Goan beaches, Goan food, Goa hotels and Goa tourism

Goa a cute little emerald of India is ideally located in about the middle of India's palm-dotted Western Coast. Goa is blessed with a very pleasant climate - hot days, warm nights and virtually no rain if you happen to visit Goa between October and March. Although the very rare occasional shower may surprise you.
Goan beach at night
However Goa in the rains has its own charm and the magic of the rainy season itself could make you fall in love with Goa for a different reason altogether.

Goa is the tiniest state in the Indian sub continent and was a Portuguese colony until 1961 when it was liberated from Portuguese rule by the Indian army. Referred to as "the Rome of the Orient" in days gone by, Goa's recorded history dates back to the 3rd century B.C.

A former Portuguese colony , Goa and goans are proud of their heritage and Hinduism and Christianity mingle beautifully in this land where temples and Churches reside in perfect harmony.Goa is delightfully picturesque and a complete tropical paradise, with serene golden beaches, gleaming white-washed and blue or yellow coloured houses and sweet amiable, folk . Goa is therefore a naturally preferred holiday destination of the International as well as the Indian tourist.

Goa has a warm blend of Indo-European architecture and cultural influences are a rare combination of east and west fusing wonderfully. The rich and beautiful heritage of Goa manifests in the brilliant expressions of Goan traditional folk arts, its dance, music, drama, literature, colorful pageants, cultural fests, wedding celebrations, feasts and festivals, majestic temples, imposing churches and heritage mosques.

Food is something you are going to love here. And curry fans will be in heaven with the deliciously-spiced tandoori and mouth watering seafood delicacies.

Goa is endowed with a verdant beach strip running a hundred miles of gorgeous, white beaches. If you decide to escape the beach you could go inland from the coast, and you encounter palm trees so dense you think you are in a jungle.

In the southern part of goa you will discover beaches to tan you up, warm waters for swimming and tempting water-side restaurants serving the most mouth-watering food.

In the North of Goa, Candolim and Calangute can capture your desire to stay put. Lively night life and a wide choice of shopping outlets, cafes and pubs.. The food in Goa is delicious and cheap but hygienic too.

Being a coastal state not surprisingly, Goa is famous for its exotic variety of seafood. Also International, vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine find their own place. Eat huge tiger prawns, tandoori kingfish , lobsters or succulent crab - all at a fraction of what you would pay anywhere in the world .Crabs, prawns, river fish, and chicken are used a lot and are tastier than lamb or pork, which both tend to be rather tough.For dessert, Bebinca takes the cake, besides a host of other local delicacies.

Colonial times can get a good glimpse if you move around Goa especially if you take a trip to Old Goa where you will see churches and cathedrals built hundreds of years ago by the Portuguese including the first chapel dedicated to St.Catherine which was built immediately after Vasco-da-Gama the Portuguese sailor who found Goa for the Portuguese.

For good bargains there are plenty of places but the colourful Anjuna market cannot be missed. Bedspreads and dresses can be found for as little as 4$.

Plenty of hotels, apartments and rooms can be found in Goa .There are a variety of hotels in Goa ranging from basic one room apartments to five-star luxury. But wherever you go, you won't feel hemmed in by high-rise hotel blocks and you can decide a place at a price you choose to pay depending upon the luxury you desire ranging from £50 to £800.

Also it's best not to leave your holiday too late. From the end of March, the rains come and the sea gets rougher. But you'll get a true taste of Goa whenever you go.

Like they say… Its Better in Goa

Love you Goa


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