Friday, November 21, 2008

The Goan Beach – As safe as you want it to be

The Beach in Goa is the best place to relax after a hard days work because after working throughout the day the Goan Beach is the best place to unwind. You can afford to soak yourself on Goa Beachthe soft sand with a smile or relax in the waters on the Beach. The sea water in Goa is also known to have medicinal properties and people in Goa visit the beach since childhood times to avail the benefit of the Goan sea water.

There is a valid theory floated that the beach water has healed many of their different ailments. However one has to take proper care while swimming on Goan beaches as the beach can be a death trap as many have found out and never could relate the experience as death took them away.

Drowning on Goan beaches has been a frequent happening for the last so many years as tourists from various parts of India and the world have found painfully. And the problem is that such tragedies give Goa a bad name for no fault of the authorities.

There have therefore been many questions raised about the safety on Goan beaches.People from all over the world visit Goa throughout the year. However we have maximum casualties from Indian tourists visiting the beaches and not necessarily the foreign visitors.

The problem with the Indian tourists is that they refuse to pay heed to suggestions from the locals or the life guards to take proper care while heading for the beach. They seem to normally take the warnings for granted. Sometimes tourists especially from India, encounter the beach for the first time in their life and are too excited and that excitement makes them venture out happily in the deep sea only to find the strong water currents sweeping them. However by then it is too late. The jaws of death take over.

Life - guards are at reach on Goan beaches but every stretch of the beach may not have a ready life guard available as the Goa beach expanse is too long. So one has to take care of oneself to the best possible extent and follow the instructions put up at every beach and every tourist guideline in Goa. Fun on the Goan beach is fine. However care is utmostly necessary to avoid any tragedy.

Also sometimes tourists drink too much of alcohol in Goa and then venture out into the sea which is a suicidal thing to do as alcohol and the sea is a lethal combination of a foolish death. So one has to take extreme precaution that a pleasant holiday in Goa does not become a very bitter experience for self and the family and Goa remains as the most preferred destination for tourism in the world.

After all one comes to Goa to enjoy the beautiful sunny Goan beach, its crystal sand, the clean beach surroundings etc to unwind and not to wind up one’s life. Tourists should help themselves in paying heed to cautions and warnings about venturing on the Goan beach and the precautions one needs to take after venturing into the sea.

Hoping that henceforth every visitor to this part of the world follows the instructions and enjoys their stay in beautiful Goa without any tragedy. Wish everyone a Happy holiday in Goa.

Love You Goa!


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