Monday, November 24, 2008

Goa – Fall in love naturally

Romance has been associated with Goa for long. Bollywood for one has chosen Goa as a preffered destination in India for romantic movies with regularity. The atmosphere in Goa itself instills a feeling of romance in even the not-so-romantic people. Goa and romance

The beach in Goa is one of the favourite destinations of to-be lovers and people who want a serene environ to sit and chat. The Goan coastline is normally dotted with couples of all ages and sizes at different levels of their relationship finding the locale to be in perfect harmony to their association.

The Goan ambience has therefore tempted many in India and over the world to choose Goa as a honeymoon destination. Honeymoons in Goa happen throughout the year and the monsoon season is quite a special time in Goa to celebrate a honeymoon as the surroundings are rich green and the villages are bustling with a freshness hard to describe.

Deeper in the goan hinterland there are also wonderful places for a quiet getaway. However the beach still remains a firm favourite as the prime spot to romance by the sea.

Here’s wishing every visitor to Goa a memorable honeymoon and a romantic time together.

Xittuk Goencar

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