Thursday, November 13, 2008

Noisy choosers of silence

Strange are the ways of politics and politicians in Goa. Their colours and their style is unique. It is a tribe that can be compared to no other. From best of friends they can turn to the best of enemies and return back to old friendship even before you wake up next day.

Our politicians in Goa already have the dubious distinction of being the finest hoppers in the country. In our schools of Goa, teachers are reluctant to quiz children about the names of our current leaders such as chief minister etc. because they dont know for how long he is going to be in the 'gaddi".

While the ruling government belonging to any party considers corruption as its birthright, the opposition party is no different. It is a meaningless and toothless opposition. Only for name sake. They oppose anything and everything that they find is helpful to corner a government. It may not be in the interest of the common man. But they will oppose policies, decisions, incidents etc just to create a noise so that their party name is alive. In Goa they are least concerned about the real issue. Neither is Goa of any value to them. Their only concern is how to gain mileage from any issue. And they also know how to maintain a stoic silence when it comes to burning issue. So make a noise when a molehill shows up and when a mountain shows up they dig a hole on some Goan beach and hibernate inside.

In recent times we have seen various issues from sez's to mega projects to rape cases and murders in Goa. But the opposition party is so cunningly choosy in making a comment. They choose the people who are against them to condemn and are face-taped when it comes to burning issues.The silence of some of their leaders over some real hot issues is a big joke. Some years back the foes who are now friends were being persecuted for little reason. But now with plenty of reason available our opposition party instead of criticising particular individuals ( which was normally the habit) has instead resorted to seeking the governments head. What hypocrisy!

And then they say that we the public are responsible for the state of affairs in Goa as we are the ones who elect them to office. But please tell me Mr Goa politician.... when we have a choice between one "chor", another "kirmidor' and a third "fator" we have to choose one , dont we. Goa needs able people and sooner lay common men with clean conscience should take up the cause of Goa by standing up to an election and riddling Goa of the mess that we are in.

Love You Goa!

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