Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goa mourns the death of Chef Boris Rego in Mumbai Terror bloodbath.

Even as I write this, Mumbai has just recovered from the terror bloodbath let loose on our country by terrorists, reportedly from across the border. It is over 60 odd hours since terrrorists from across theCST station terror attack border have brazenly entered the city reportedly through the sea route, shooting and maiming people at will and accounting the lives of a roughly estimated 170 innocent Indian and foreign citizens while injuring over 350 people including NSG ( national security guard) commandos, policemen and most ironically the chief of the Anti-terrorist squad in Mumbai Mr. Hemant Karkare.

After the random shooting in the city the terrorists took over the reins of two luxury hTaj mumbai terror attackotels, The Taj and the Oberoi Trident , packed with guests and diners, and also a residential building occupied by the Jewish community rendering this places in virtual war zones. After keeping the inmates of all the three structures as their hostages, it required the brave efforts of policemen, fire fighters and NSG commandos in the army who put their lives on the line to secure the three places and have today sanitized them to be completely rid of the terrorists.

However the toll taken by these 20 or 40 odd terrorists ( the number is still being debated as of now) who entered the city has been heavy indeed. While killing, injuring and maimiterrorists set Taj mumbai on fireng people specifically from India, US, UK and Israel they have managed to shake up the whole world to take notice of their merciless and dastardly act. The Taj hotel, a heritage bulding has also been damaged heavily and the loss due to this damage will weigh heavily on the ordinary mumbaikar whose love for the Taj and its edifice is beyond caste, creed or religion. The Taj has been a symbol of love, pride and extreme nostalgia for millions of mumbaikars and Indians. Anger is therefore spewing in the hearts and minds of all Indians as to how a operation of this magnitude could be inflicted upon innocent people with such great precision and duration.

Goa has had its painful share in this tragedy with a strapping young lad of only 23 ytaj mumbai and Oberoi trident terror attacksears of age falling victim to the bullets of these mercenaries. Boris Do Rego , a chef with the Taj Mumbai apparently made contact with his family in Goa, over his mobile throughout the ordeal but failed to save himself while reassuring his family of hope. In his dying breath he is reported to have called up his family in Divar, Goa to talk to them his final words in his dying moments, even as his voice over the phone faded away into the world of the dead innocents.

The anguish and pain of the Rego family must be immense and unbearable since the attack was so sudden and took away the life of young Boris at such a tender age and whose father Chef Urbano De Rego had always cherished the dream of his Son Boris, to be able to take over all culinary skills from him and continue his legacy . This dream has been shattered and shattered are the dreams of nearly 200 people( and their near and dear ones ) who are estimated to have been dead from these sinister attacks besides nearly 400 who are reportedly injured, some of them critically.

Brave NSG comNSG commandos in actionmandos, Mumbai police and the Army have in the meanwhile helped us save the country’s prestige and honour while laying down their lives. The nation salutes Hemant karkare, Vijay saluskar, Ashok Kamte, major Unnikrishnan , Hawaldar Chander and other policemen who laid down their lives for the sake of all of us.

Meanwhile, Goa mourns the death of its beloved son Boris Do Rego whose funeral is schedFuneral of Boris Do Regouled today the 29th Of November 2008 at Nossa Senhora De Piedade Church, Divar, at 3.45 pm. May the eternal father in heaven have mercy on his soul and grant him eternal peace. May his family derive strength from the power of the Lord’s word and be able to bear this irreparable loss. A tearful farewell indeed! Goodbye Boris.

Xittuk Goencar

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