Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great Goan Robberies

We elect members to the Goan legislative assembly as our representatives since a whole mass of people are unable to voice themselves as good as a single representative should do. We expect this representative to work in the best interest of our ward, our village, our constituency and our state. He is voted for that purpose alone.

However our elected representatives in Goa are continuosly hoodwinking us blatantly after being elected to their seats. All the good work written in their manifestoeGoa politicss which they scream at various pre-election meetings are relegated to the dust bins and instead they are constantly fighting a battle to be in power and loot. Whoever gets caught in the web cast by a rare sting operation in Goa or other default operation is condemned for a few days and very soon it is business as usual. There is no change. No remorse. No shame.

Goa is in the vagabond hands of forty legislators who are broadly classified into two major parties besides a couple of fencesitters who play hard to get but are always on the winning side owing to their unique independence. Throughout the 5 years of these forty legislators’ elected rule one cannot be sure who is going to occupy the government or the opposition benches the next day.

All anti-defection laws find their graveyard in Goa, before meeting any such fate elsewhere in the country. The party switchovers have gone overboard recently and the lure of money is apparently so good that some legislators have resigned only to be re-elected by our benevolent goan citizens back to the looting square. Resignation to switch was incidentally a deterrent enforced in the anti-defection law in India to ensure a halt to defections. However our politicians in Goa have proved that when it comes to spinning money, nothing can come in their way. Probably because they consider the goan voter to be foolish and stupid.

In Goa, coups and backstabbing and jumping , bedsitting and all other compromising positions are not limited to caste creed or religion. Anybody is available anywhere and anytime. What dictates the switchover is the price. However, when these same legislators seek our votes they divide us into groups based on caste creed and religion. . And we hopelessly fall for this bait . In Goa generally hindu dominated areas vote for a hindu candidate while Christians stand by a candidate of their faith. The backward classes will go that extra mile to vote for their candidate leaving merit way behind.

The politicians’ pseudo love for caste creed and religion is for election pruposes only and then once elected it seems its their prerogative to switch and slide at will, with the valid reasons written and readied for by their thrilled scripture writers. When one hears the reasons of the switch one can see shameless guilt being camouflaged by the stink of the ransom taken.

Meanwhile issues such as the alarming garbage menace, the megaprojects, the draconian regional plan, the blatant SEZ’s , Goan properties being sold to all and sundry, The flourishing drug cartels , the price rises etc are issues which remain unresolved and unattended.There is no will to address these issues on a war footing.

Lay people in Goa are therefore made to come out on the streets to fight the battle which should have been fought by our elected legislators. However they are not bothered. Instead of framing rules for mega projects and enforcing strict regulations for an organized development of Goa our legislators are instead crying foul because of the wasted opportunity of making the quick buck which has gone awry due to these agitations.

Is Goa doomed to be in the hands of such petty people who have no concern for Goa and Goans? And then they say you the public is responsible to bring us to the seat of power. You are as much to blame goes their wanton banter. But tell me between a thief , a murderer, a smuggler or a swindler we have to choose one don’t we?

One would say, we need ourselves to go there in the seat of power to set the fearless tone and walk the talk. But again where is the money to fight an election? Our pockets are hollow and the Goan voter is too deep in the shell. Even if I reach him there, will he awaken to reality? Will he understand my sentiment of ejecting Goa out of the pit? Or has he become chronic to the bugle which sounds the same tone of religion caste and creed?

It is a vicious Goan circle indeed. And unless we change our sense of thinking and become smart voters we are bound to be conned by these petty people called politicians who live for today, casting on us the doom of tomorrow.

Xittuk Goencar

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