Saturday, February 21, 2009

20th Feb 2009 - Goa's 2nd Hottest in 38 years

Most recently we had the hottest day in Goa for many decades. However yesterday, the 20th of February was even worse.The mercury soared to an astonishing 39.2 degrees celcius in a Goan February. In fact it was second  hottest day in the last 38 years.

The Highest known recorded temperature in Goa has been 39.8 degrees celcius.However the 20th of February has been the highest since April 7th 1989  when the state had the highest record of 39.8 degrees celcius.

The other higher temperatures recorded in February have been 38 degrees celcius on February 29th 1984 and 37.6 degrees celcius on February 20th 1999.

Although the temperature was high as reported, the low humidity at 63% in the morning and around 48% in the evening surely was a welcome relief to Goan citizens

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