Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It happens only in Goa?

One wonders if this is in good fun or whether it is designed behind the curtains so that gullible Goans can go with the chatter of the street and remain happy.

As far as SEZ's go, the government of Goa made it clear some time ago that it does not support SEZ's in the state of Goa given its scarce land resources. Never mind the IDC did not follow what the Chief Minister meant and went on about its business of granting more licences to the developers of the SEZ's untill the people's movement "SEZ Virodhi Manch" decided to ask questions.

Now the joke is that despite the government declaring SEZ's as a no-no for Goa the industrial policy of the state states exactly the opposite. It welcomes SEZ's into Goa which is a stark contradiction.

The scrapping of SEZ's was made as early as January 2008. Till February 2009, does  the government of Goa have no time or foresight to change its policy? Or is it a tacit complicity with SEZ's on the sly?

Whatever it is, it shows a lack of trust and needs to be rectified either way immediately. Obviously banning SEZ's being the popular choice.

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