Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post - Valentine hangovers in Goa and elsewhere

And so Valentines' day passed off peacefully. Goa which was threatened by a bunch of flies from some little known fascist organisations, did not have the gall to disrupt any celebrations after all. Probably people from their own ranks were busy with Valentines celebrations themselves.

So cupid expressed himself unabashedly, painting entire towns and even some villages in Goa pitch red. The whole of Goa was doting with Love most effortlessly and the reason to be with each other yesterday, had to do with more than a mere "I like you".

Shopping haunts were packed with lovers trying to discover the best gift that could surprise his/her Valentine more than last time. Restaurants were abuzz with all their favorite foodie plans reaching their obvious conclusions. Couples were seen feeding goodies to each other as if they had forgotten how to eat on their own. Gazing into each others eyes was like a competition and everyone seemed to be a winner. Holding hands and expressing with a red rose were part of the entire process that most couples indulged in to send the powerful message across.

In many places music held sway for the lovers, dancing their hearts out in the arms of their loved ones and ensuring that the evening, rather the night ended on a high and lovely note.

The scene was not much different in the rest of the country. However it was not such a bold expression as much as it was in Goa. Nevertheless there seemed to be an outpouring of Love and people dared the 'immorally moral police" to challenge them by provocations of heart carrying individuals who seemed ready for a fight-back.

And so all the sundry Senas and the doddly tribes of culture protectors looked like a bunch of helpless villains who had been swept aside by the fever that had gripped the entire country and refuses to show a semblance of withdrawal come what may year after year.

The Pink Chaddi campaign was another pointer to the growing indignation felt against such goondaistic mentalities of such rabid groups who are as toothless as their warped imaginations. The Pink chaddi seemed to be the perfect body blow to embarrass these groups out of their cosiness of proxy culture hunting. And it worked!

You cant stop a love from flowering, you morons! Get a life next Valentine and let your hangover be directed at your own cultural prudence of kamasutra and khajuraho which is reeking with sexism of the worst order.

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