Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Green Goa!

Ecological resurgence was the key sentiment for the Go Green Goa - a workshop held in Panjim.

A host of issues with special focus on Goa, ranging from agriculture, alternative energy, climate change and water management were discussed at the workshop.

Agriculture was highlighted to be an extremely profitable business if all resources are pooled towards its success which urged farmers to cultivate and market a local variety of rice with smart packaging techniques.

Stressing on motivating the younger generation, the experts opined that through the various projects such as agriculture, water harvesting, waste management and others, they would like to prove that the agricultural profession is as glamorous as any other.

Ground realities such as carbon emissions in India and practices to reducing the carbon footprints by adopting simple steps such as planting trees, vermiculture, CFL bulbs usage and renewable energy would go a long way.

Experts included the environmental scientist Dr. Emmanuel Silva, Ms Clea Chandmal - a plant scientist, Ms. Yogita Mehra of TERI, Ms Bruna Fogaca - a food engineer, Mr Miguel Braganca- a horticulturist, Mr Darryl Pereira of the Reira Eco ventures and students Aaron Pereira and Isa Alvares

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