Sunday, February 8, 2009

Name is "Goa Sadan", but are any Goans on the rolls please?

This is not irony. It seems to be a pure case of malpractice. It is time goa  sadan buildingfor the never-dying tribe of local language heroes of Goa to stand up. It is also time for the freedom fighters of Goa to ask questions. It is certainly not the issue for Goan activists to ignore nor is it the moment for Goa's various workers' unions to turn a blind eye.

Goa Sadan, which is a place for Goans to reside while in Delhi, seems to be the whimsical blue eyed boy of everybody from India except from its patron state Goa. The " Goenkarancho ekvott" a vibrant organisation of Goans residing in Delhi exposed a recent staffing at the Goa Sadan in New Delhi, which was in contravention of the requirements for the various positions on offer.

While "drivers "currently employed in the Sadan are alleged to have no connections with Goa, their merit it seems has been the political clout exerted by bureaucrats from the country who served in Goa on official duty at some time or the other.

The joke is that none of these "suitors" have any knowledge of the local language of Konkani and Marathi  but still made the grade despite at least five suitable Goan candidates apparently appearing for the interview. The knowledge of Konkani and Marathi is a pre-requisite for the job, which has mysteriously been waived off for these "super candidates".

It is also alleged that the candidates do not possess the basic qualifications required for the post which is a passing certificate for class VIII.

It thus seems that the recruitments at the Goa Sadan are currently being made at the recommendations of Governors, IAS officers and Union Ministers and it is feared that the case of Goa Niwas is going to follow on similar lines. Goa Niwas is being constructed to have a 20 room capacity with four dormitories on two floors besides having five suites for VVIP's at a cost of Rs 9 crore.

It is therefore the time for everyone in Goa to ask about these whimsical appointments by all and sundry and thereby deny Goans the opportunity of being employed in their own state organizations.

The time for running into excuses that Goans are not interested in such jobs has run out. Goans did appear for the interviews. Were they of a lesser merit than their Indian "super candidate" counterparts is the question. Or was it a case of favouritism, bribery or all other malpractices put together to stifle the prospect of Goan candidates?

No wonder when you go to  Goa Sadan in Delhi, you hear all Indian languages except Konkani. Will our Romiwadis and Devnagriwadis of Goa please stand up? There couldn't be a better time to be heard.

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