Monday, February 23, 2009

Are Taxis hurting Goa tourism?

There has been a proverbial hue and cry about Goan taxis overcharging tourists for a long time from different tourists arriving in the state. While the government has specified certain rates between distances, it is still unclear as to why the government of Goa is not enforcing the meter system in Goa.

For most part of their business, the tourist taxis are alleged to be demanding whatever figure comes to their mind and expecting the tourist to cough up the amount. Also depending on the type of the tourist, rates also happen to differ. The rates in the cities are different from the rates at the beaches. This is absolutely negative for the image of Goa and should be rectified by the government of Goa in right earnest.

It is therefore important that all taxi owners in Goa should install meters on their taxis to bring about an uniformity in rates. If you compare the rates here vis-a-vis the rates in Mumbai for a similar distance the rates which are deduced as per the meter reading are much lower. So why should Goa be different?

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