Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnival 2009 paints Goa in multi colours

It was a sea of humanity which swept the capital city of Goa at Panjim on Saturday 21st February 2009, when the float parade unleaslargemaskhed a variety of technicolored themes to usher in the hedonistic festival of Carnival, which thrilled the weekend crowds to the hilt.

Earlier in the morning the Panjim carnival committee organised an alvoerada and music was being played  at different locations in the city.

At the float parade, it was a scene full of revelry and fun with a total over 80 floats t aking part in the parade which included huge giants like the life sized swivelling dinosaur, thrilling crowds with  almost life-threatening growls ,a larger than life sized elephant spraying water through its trunk,huge zebras perched atop the vehicles, besides water borne sharks , octopuses and sea-horses as also enactment of various scenes ranging from countless couples either overtly expressingdinosaur their romance or just wedded couples besotted with each other, to traditional trades of Goan societies such as carpentry,pottery, barber shops, toddy-tappers, fishermen, piggery and sausage farmers etc. The Floats also depicted various styles of Goan living at various times in Goa. Goan  fruits and vegetables, the lifestyles of one of goa's oldest inhabitants- the goatherds and the wedding in their family as also of the kunbi tribe.

As expected the garbage crisis in Goa was depicted in many floats as also the terrorism in the country.Goan identity was also fseahorseocussed in a couple of floats reminding of the need for a special status for Goa. There was also a particular float where a certain Military from Portugal was enacting their ability to secure Goa from terrorists. Spanish bullfights also saw a float showcasing the act.

The junk cars and bikes brought in the vintage interest from the crowds while the individual clowns and mimic acts brought in irresistible laughter and interactions with the mimic artists and mascots.

A pirate ship, a ghost ship, a 9 feet King Kong articulately made from peanuts and hair made of domestic brooms, a fairyland princess in a pumpkin chariot, sea life with octopuses, starfish and sea horses as well as scenes related to the Mumbai terror attack were all part of the parade.Some beverage companies, private businesses as also 108 ambulance service took part in the parade to lend the commercial effect.

Pickups loaded with speakers providing the irresistible tempo for dancers on the ground to perform, bikes and cyclists performing stunts on their two wheelers, men masquerading in women lingerie and provoking the crowds with erotic gestures, huge giant faced men and women with the vulturous look in their eyes , the dazzle of the colours, the uninhibited revelry and the unmistakable mascotmanface copyGoan spirit over flowing and pouring in the streets  packed to capacity crowds was a summary of the Carnival parade.

Every part of the city of Panjim was stuffed with people swarming for a glimpse and included foreign as well as Indian tourists packing the entire area. People among the tourists including European and Russian were part of the Goa Carnival fever, painting their faces and tattooing their bodies, wearing all kinds of masks and their active part in the whole carnival revelry was a common  sight.

Panjim was abuzz even after the parade was over and the whole city and its eateries were stuffed with revelers and tourists from India and abroad trying to get a bite of food.

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