Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Selaulim dam and gardens - Goa's hinterland beauty

There is certainly mselaulim dam viewore to Goa than just the beaches. If one goes through the hinterland of Goa numerous spots of natural beauty in Goa draw your imagination. However tourists flock lesser to these places owing to either the distance or lack of proper guidance.

The Selaulim dam is one of those places which has been wonderfully beautified by the tourism department of Goa. An important dam which is the prime source for drinking water for the whole of South Goa, the dam is located in Sanguem selaulim gardenstaluka residing amidst beautiful thick foliage and is the reservoir of rain water catering to the demands of the South Goa population.

Located around 12 kilometres from Curchorem, the Selaulim dam is away from Sanguem by only 2 kilometres and is actually located in the village called Uguem. There are therefore two routes on either side of the dam to get you there.

The place has become a selaulim garden - dam viewpicnickers' favourite over the years and part of the reason is the breathtaking garden which decorates one side of the dam where tourists flock in, for leisure and photo shoots. For tourists who fall in love with the place and would like to park a little longer there is the tourist rest house located near the dam.

However vehicles are not allowed near the dam and are to be parked outside the security cordon.

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