Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goa Beach - a strip of paradise

The beaches in Goa were the main draw for people all over the world to recognise Goa and Goan ambience was always identified with the Goan beach. Goa beach sunsetAll kinds of references to Goa in terms of pictures and postcards or all television news had a unmistakable glimpse of the goan beach setting.

Goan beaches viewed at different times have a different appeal altogether for the avid fan of photography. For some sunset on the Goan beach is a view which one can live with forever. For others the rising sun or early dawn on the Goan beach draws more meaning.

Dawn or dusk, the Goan beach has been representing Goa, proudly showcasing its beauty for the world to see. Whoevergoa beach sunrise has been to Goa has rarely missed a trip to the beach in Goa because a trip to Goa without a visit to the beach is absolutely incomplete and therefore tourists flock to the Goa beach everytime they are in Goa, be it on study, hotel management tours, business or simply pleasure. The Goan beach has been widely regarded as a big draw for holidaying in Goa and on Goa vacations.

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